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Welcome to the Kessler Associates digital services website.

We are specialists in the construction of document templates for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, with experience back to the early days of Microsoft Windows and Office releases.

Over the years we have been involved in projects for many well-known brands. Our list of clients includes many household names which have improved their output considerably by using a set of professionally-designed and built document templates. Projects are typically managed via design agencies or directly with the end-client.


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As well as utilising our extensive Word and PowerPoint experience, you can benefit from our Excel spreadsheet solutions, and also in our handling of various complementary services which deliver what you need.

We will work with you to produce what you require in Word and PowerPoint templates or Excel spreadsheets, but also when it comes to reformatting existing documents, converting PDFs to Word, HTML emailer creation, and even the proofreading and translations offered by our sister office.


Whatever you need, we have the solution (including the Ken Burns image effect seen above).

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Kessler Associates are the specialists in the construction of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint document templates and Excel spreadsheets solutions, plus various complementary services


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