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What's best for your company? Word templates for all those letters, reports or memos which your staff or colleagues create day after day? PowerPoint templates to create the slides for your office presentations?

Do you go for a complicated Word template layout and text styling, or keep it simple so that construction is quicker and more cost-effective?

Do you want a Word template simply so that an existing PDF report or newsletter can be recreated in your company style and layout?

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Any of these can be developed for you, but it is important to know the basics so that you get exactly what you need.

Case studies can provide a valuable insight into how document templates are utilised. They are also useful for revealing what types of company ask for templates, and how individual projects are shaped to fit the client's requirements.

Some projects involve one simple set of templates which are never changed or updated, while others involve regular updates over the course of many years. Some are built just to provide styling for recreating older documents in Word (perhaps from PDFs). But the thing to remember is that any degree of template construction and maintenance is available. Just pick a level of service and support from Kessler Associates which suits your company.

Some case studies are available which break down individual projects. Read them via these PDFs:


word templates case study
powerpoint templates case study
pdf to word case study


You can also read more about the first of our Word case studies in our occasional Blog.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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