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To highlight how Word and PowerPoint document template projects can be arranged for you, we've written a few case studies. These examine individual projects and the clients involved with them so that we can show what kind of background they have, what kind of templates they need, and how we complete the project.

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The first of our case studies covers a Word templates project which started as far back as 1999 and lasted for an amazing twelve years, including updates and maintenance. The client was a housing association based in the south of England. We built them a set of advanced level 'wizard' templates (now withdrawn as a viable option for template construction due to changes in security requirements).

Once all the information had been entered and the OK button clicked, that information was placed into its correct position on the page (whether it be a letter, fax, memo, or report). These days, progress means that the user has to manage this stage without the old 'wizard' interface, but your document templates will be formatted to make this as easy as possible. All the user has to do next (with both old and modern templates) is to start typing the document's content.

This approach makes document creation a very simple and straightforward process, and minimises the opportunity for users to make changes to the company's document layout. Much of the layout will be protected from casual 'fiddling'.

This first case study also shows you what happens after the completion of the first stages of the project. In this case, several updates and upgrades were requested over the years, along with several new templates as the housing association's requirements changed. Take a look for yourself and see how a set of professionally designed and constructed templates from Kessler Associates can help you.

Visit the case studies page and download this case study in PDF format.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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