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Here is a reminder of just a few of the latest products and services which are available via Kessler Associates. Click on the images below to see more information.

Custom-made USBs
Available in any 2D and 3D style. Lead time 10-12 days. Design service available.
Custom-made USBs


Video brochure
A powerful addition to the marketing and promotional mix which no other marketing material can provide.
Video brochures


Screen printing and duplication
A 24-hour turn-around is available. Over 3,000 discs printed an hour.
Screen printing


Bespoke packaging
Include this to give your product that 'wow' factor. Average lead time 24-72 hours. Design and advice service available.
Bespoke packaging


Branded power banks
These are a handy sized portable charger ideal for keeping your mobile device's battery charged for longer. Lead time 10-12 days.
Branded power packs


FIPS Level 3 certified, military tested USBs, ideal for storing and transporting secure data. These can be branded and serial numbered for added security. Available in 4GB-32GB capacities.


Barcoding and serial numbering
Include this option to track sensitive data. Barcodes and serials can be applied to any part of your product, be it media (CD, DVD, USB etc), paper parts, packaging or labels.


Digital Printing
Ideal for CMYK artwork. High speed printing permits a one-day turnaround.
Digital printing

24-hour express-printed USBs
From UK stock. All our Express USBs are printed in-house in Spot/Pantone colours or 'Full Colour Printing'.
24-hour express-printed USBs

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More information

Custom-made USBs
(Promotional USB printing & duplication)

Promotional USB drives are a great tool for reinforcing your brand. Whether that be advertising your name in print on the drive, or to using the data on the drive to get your products known and noticed by that individual. Many businesses struggle to convert clients from marketing to purchasing, why not use USB to drive your client to your website or take marketing data from them to learn more about your specific customer base. Knowledge is power, power can change your company for the better, so why not maximise the potential?

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Video Brochure
(VideoCard - fusing print & LCD technology together)

VideoCard technology is the fusing together of one-dimensional printed brochures and digital media technology.

Video brochures are an engaging and exciting medium with which to promote a product or service. They offer an opulent source of information delivery and a powerful addition to the marketing and promotional mix which no other marketing material can provide.

The Video brochure is a unique printed brochure with an integrated high-resolution micro-thin video screen which is built-in. It includes flash memory to store the videos when you choose, a speaker to hear the audio with adjustable volume buttons, and a rechargeable battery so you can use it again and again.

Video brochures are used for a variety of promotional marketing communications, typically when trying to deliver powerful video content to your customer.

Ideas include:

  • marketing
  • exhibitions
  • direct mail
  • promotions
  • showreels
  • sales tools
  • invitations

Product Options
Screens sizes: 3.5", 4.3", 5" & 7"
Printed sizes include Postcard, A5, A4 and bespoke to match your criteria, personalisation is available
Finishes: Gloss, Matt Lamination, Spot Varnish, Foil-block & Embossing
Material: Card & Rigid Board
Memory: 256mb Upgradable up to 32GB

Lead Times
PDF proofs 1-2 days
Physical sample proof 7-10 days
Mass production: 20-30 days
We do offer express turnaround between 5-7 days depending on UK stock availability

Technical Specs
Built in memory 256MB as standard (30mins of video depending on compression), can be increased up to 32GB
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery, typically last for 2 hours+
Recharge Time 3-4hours via USB cable supplied
Volume Control: 2 button available/dial adjustment as additional feature
Screen Size Resolution:
2.4": 320px x 240px
4.3": 480px x 272px
5.0": 480px x 272px
Movie File type: AVI, MPEG4
Connection: USB 2.0
Works on both PC/MAC

Hard-backed video brochures are used for heavyweight marketing communications including but not limited to brand guidelines, corporate accounts, investor relations and board-level marketing can be supplied. Hard back editions are at the luxury end of the spectrum where a variety of specialist print finishes are often used: emboss, deboss, hot-foiling and spot UV varnish, these finishes enhance the look and feel of the end product.

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Screen printing and duplication
(Welcome to the pantone universe)

The vast majority of silk screen printings are used for design with the use of solid colours.

A screen is made of porous, finely woven fabric (originally silk, but typically made of polyester or nylon) stretched over an aluminium frame. Areas of the screen are blocked off with a non-permeable material (a stencil), this is a positive of the image to be printed, open spaces indicate where the ink appears.

The screen is placed on top of the disc ink is placed on top of the screen and a rubber blade (squeegee) is used to push the ink evenly into the screen openings and onto the disc. The ink passes through the open spaces in the screen onto the disc below. If more than one colour is being printed on the same surface, the ink is rapidly dried under a UV lamp. The process is repeated with another screen and different colour ink.

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Bespoke packaging
(You really can judge a person by their shoes...)

The same rules apply to packaging.

Making an impact with the print options you choose is key to ensuring that your product delivers the message it is intended to deliver in order to gain the maximum exposure to your brand and inspire confidence to know more about you.

Use the experience we have gained over the years in order to deliver this for you. Provide us with a brief and we will work with you to finalise a product of which you can be proud and confident, safe in the knowledge that you get the message you need in order to communicate across to your current and future clients.

Not only do we offer a bespoke packaging design and manufacturing service, we can also supply great quality 'off the shelf' standard packaging.

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(The arrival of an ultra-secure USB)

The iStorage datAshur is the world's most secure, easy to use, and affordable USB flash drive, employing PIN code access with military-grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption. The datAshur incorporates a rechargeable battery, allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN onto the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to the USB port.

All data transferred to the datAshur is encrypted in real-time with the built-in hardware encryption engine and is protected from unauthorised access or from any worry that it will be accessed if your datAshur is lost or stolen. The datAshur automatically locks when unplugged from the host computer or when power to the USB port is turned off.

The datAshur operates straight out of the box, does not require any software or drivers to be installed, and is compatible with PCs, MACs, Linux, and embedded systems. The datAshur delivers drag-and-drop encryption, plug-and-play simplicity and can be used with any off-the-shelf backup software.

The datAshur can be configured with independent user and admin PINs, making it perfect for corporate and government deployment. If the user forgets their PIN, the drive can be unlocked using the admin PIN, which will then clear the old user PIN and allow the user to set a new PIN. The datAshur also incorporates a drive reset feature which clears both user and admin PINs, destroys the data, creates a new randomly-generated encryption key, and allows the drive to be reused.

The datAshur is capable of generating an infinite number of randomly generated encryption keys, allowing the user to reset the drive as and when required. As the iStorage datAshur is unlocked via the on-board keypad and not via a keyboard, it is not vulnerable to software/hardware-based key-loggers or brute force attacks. The datAshur protects your data with a 'Brute Force Hack Defence Mechanism', which deletes the encryption key and destroys all stored data if the incorrect PIN is entered a total of ten consecutive times.

The datAshur is an investment which will last for years. Its rugged, extruded aluminium, waterproof casing is tamper-evident and protects it against physical damage. The internal drive components are also sealed with a tamper-proof coating.

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Barcoding and serial numbering
(Tracking sensitive data)

Specialist printing equipment allows for the inclusion of serials to be printed on to removable media as a sequential number, and also from batch files as bar code or Datamatrix machine-readable characters.

Sequential numbering is sometimes required for tracking sensitive data or where media needs to be assigned to an individual. Sequential bar codes enable individual products to be tracked; this system is typically used for product software and secure recordable media used by the the police force and CCTV companies.

Barcodes can be applied to any part of your product, be it media (CD, DVD etc), paper parts, packaging, or labels. With regard to artwork, the barcode should be on the (K) layer of your CMYK design and, for the sake of accuracy, should have a white base. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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