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Kessler Associates blog: Customise your PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an awkward beast to tame. That's why it's a good idea to have custom-made templates created for your business.

PowerPoint templates by Kessler Associates are usually supplied with around four slide masters from which you'll create all of your presentation slides. These are set up to meet your layout requirements, and many more slides can be created by using the same slide masters. The layout will be exactly the same every single time.

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You will also find several sample slides which have already been set up for you. These may contain one or two notes to help you get the best use out of a template with which you'll be unfamiliar at first. These sample slides can be changed or copied as style guides when you create a new presentation, or deleted where they are not needed - they will still be available next time you create a new presentation from the template.

If required, increased guidance can be supplied to ensure that users enter text into the correct slide fields, and alter existing picture or strapline slots to ensure that your formatting is maintained. All new presentations can start with a title slide, acting as a cover sheet or introduction. All remaining and newly-inserted slides will carry standardised formatting which is taken from the aforementioned master slides.

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Help can be provided when it comes to locating the best place to install your PowerPoint (and Word) template or templates. If you want to be able to create new presentations from them when you click on 'New' in PowerPoint then the template will have to go into your default templates folder. The location of this will depend upon your installation, so you may need our help in finding it.

Alternatively your template can be run from the desktop (on a PC at least). Simply double-click on it both to open PowerPoint and to start a new presentation based on that template. However, there's no guarantee that the custom colour palette which has been set up for your presentation will be available for other documents - something which is always handy. That's another file which will also have to be installed in a default folder. It's easy to do, but you have to know where to do it. That's why we're here.

Kessler Associates can also provide a complete design service for your PowerPoint templates, making sure that the product reflects your company image in the best possible way.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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