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Kessler Associates blog: Customise your PowerPoint

Please note: this post covers options that are generally only available for Word 1997-2003. Whilst they will work in later versions of Word, development is more complicated.

PowerPoint is an awkward beast to tame. That's why it's a good idea to have custom-made templates created for your business.

PowerPoint templates by Kessler Associates are usually supplied with around four slides, pre-set to your layout requirements. These can be overwritten or copied as style guides when creating a new presentation, or deleted where they are not needed.

Guidance can be supplied to ensure that users enter text into the correct slide fields, and alter existing picture or strapline slots to ensure that your formatting is maintained. All new presentations can start with a title slide, acting as a cover sheet or introduction. All remaining and newly-inserted slides will carry standardised formatting, which is laid out at design time.

Kessler Associates PowerPoint image

A custom toolbar can be added which can contain buttons for inserting pre-set slides such as chapter headings. Further options such as switching to your Word templates, and pre-set formatting options can also be included here.

All templates can be supplied as part of an optional self-extracting executable program. This ensures proper installation on any PC for the more advanced templates, but it isn't a requirement for the more basic templates. Additional items, such as custom fonts, images, or user guides, can be installed at the same time.

Kessler Associates can also provide a complete design service for your PowerPoint templates, making sure that the product reflects your company image in the best possible way.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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