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Kessler Associates blog: Website image effects

There's a lot of fun to be had with responsive website development - and we're talking bespoke websites here, not pre-packaged sites which you will have much less of a say about, such as the standard Wordpress site.,/p>

This is all 'hand-built by craftspeople', with the code which lies behind the site all being manually written into each page. Even a single page website - which is totally affordable - can be custom-built for you so that you get precisely what you're after.

Various tricks and tips are available to make your custom-built website appear even more nifty and interesting. Even a plain image can be made more action-packed so that it draws in the eye of your visitors and they want to know more about what you're offering.

One of the most effective and yet simple solutions is the slow zoom.

Kessler Associates sample image using the Ken Burns effect - see extras -> website construction

Imagine having that as your main intro image, or as a header to an article page.

It's actually a pretty simple piece of scripting when it comes to replicating it in the style shown above. Customisation will take longer of course, but simply changing the image is the easiest thing imaginable. You could even change it on a regular basis.

Even more fun is to be had with a zoom-and-scan.

Watch the image below as it not only commences a slow zoom into the photo, but also scans to the lower right of the photo and eventually fades to black as it's lifted out towards the left of the frame, before zooming back out to restart. The zoom process can easily be slowed down even further, or speeded up.

Kessler Associates sample image using the Ken Burns effect - see extras -> website construction

There are so many more variations on the same approach that you'll never run out of ways in which you can have your website personalised and prettied.

Imagine the same slow zoom used on your new product, or a photo of your new office premises, or just about any other image you care to name.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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