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Kessler Associates blog: Word templates - the basic basics

For years frustrated users have struggled with Microsoft Word. It's not so bad when you're creating a simple document, but as soon as you try to make anything slightly more complicated, Word just seems to develop a mind of its own, or options which you thought would be easy to use have either vanished off the various menus entirely, or don't do what you expected them to do.

If you are fed up with Word documents which just won't appear as planned by your company, then perhaps it's time to point out that you can have a set of customised Word document templates built for you.

Word templates come in many shapes and forms, but by far the most popular is the basic typeover field layout. These come with specific fields which you simply click on to select and start entering your details to replace the field. Essentially you have a document which is ready to be completed by you - you just need to enter the actual details.

Everything you need is already in place, including your logo and office address details, and any images or colours. Your text is pre-formatted, coloured text is set up for you, and all you have to do is enter your content and perhaps select a custom text style from the ribbon to turn it into differently-coloured text or into a heading, for example.

Here are just a handful of the features which customised Word templates contain:

Kessler Associates Word templates image
  • Company layouts maintained throughout
  • Designed to match any number of in-house styles
  • Can insert logos, pictures and tables
  • Apply company document styles from the Styles ribbon
  • All sorts of variations included, from landscape to US Letter page sizes

So don't forget that Kessler Associates can build high quality Word templates to match your specifications and requirements.

If you don't already have a designer of your own, we can provide a complete design service for your templates, making sure the product will reflect your company image in the best possible way. We're also more than happy to work alongside design agencies who produce the designs themselves, usually on a Mac, while our PC-based systems will tie-in perfectly with most client-based offices. In fact this is the most widely-used method for handling template projects.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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