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Every company produces documents of some kind. Whether such documents are letters, faxes, memos, reports, or any other variation or combination of these, they are an inescapable necessity.

Despite this, it's true that not too many companies have the time or even the computer skills to be able to set up templates themselves. Instead they end up creating documents in an ad hoc fashion, with varying degrees of consistency, or even downright inconsistency.

Such hit-and-miss documents will rarely represent your company in the best possible light. This is why you really need to get it right, and this is where Kessler Associates comes in. We know templates like the backs of our hands.

If you're working with a very small business, or a one-man band operation, and you think that such customised templates are out of your league, think again.

Budget templates created by Kessler Associates contain all the basic necessities of a document. These are already in place in a standard format, thereby minimising costs and time spent on preparing them. This also saves you spending time on doing this yourself. We'll drop in your company logo and office contact details, plus any company registration and VAT details, and the template will be complete. It's as easy as that.

Kessler Associates Word templates image

With a template like this in place on your computer or server, you only have to create a new document from it and then fill in the blanks to complete the work (these blanks will be presented as text fields which you can overtype, as shown in the illustration, above).

Everything else is done for you at the build stage, saving you and your company a great deal of time. Because there is only the bare minimum of customisation, the costs are also minimal, allowing the smallest of businesses to be able to afford them. Don't be limited just because you budget may be.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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