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Kessler Associates blog: PhD thesis document help

If you're suffering from PhD thesis hell, you could probably do with some timely PhD thesis help.

A recent project involved a client who was experiencing just that - hell, mainly because they needed to be able to work on a thesis document in Microsoft Word but didn't have the experience or understanding of it to be able to use it effectively. Formatting was going astray, figure and image captions were not numbering properly, the table of contents was a mess, and frustration was setting in.

Luckily, formatting errant Word documents is very similar to the work involved in creating Word document templates, so repairing this client's broken document may have taken some time (it did - all 400-plus pages of it!), but the work itself was straightforward.

Kessler Associates document formatting image
Two sample pages of the repaired thesis document

Bringing the thesis document back into line involved the creation of several document text styles which could be applied to blocks of text, while the formatting for captions was tidied up and forced to work accurately, numbering each image correctly.

Footnotes also needed formatting so that they could appear with a uniform appearance, and the page numbering and footer details were sorted out. There was even a 'text' style format added so that inserted images would properly align with the text.

Once the main document had been sorted out, there was also a mammoth interviews document to clean up and format, and several small addendum files too. The main document would come back for fresh corrections at frequent intervals as the client still couldn't get to grips with the complexities of Word. That was okay as all of the tidying up was now even easier, with the text styles now fully available for quick corrections.

In the end the client was more than reassured to have someone who could do it all for them, and the accepted thesis is now heading towards the printed publication stage.

One last, fairly intensive session will be needed to fine-tune paragraph endings and picture locations, provide a spell-check and minor editing corrections, and update all four tables of contents (one each for the main text, images, tables, and captions). Then a PDF version will be sent to the printers (an ideal format for this part of the work).

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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