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Kessler Associates blog: Word 1997-2003 wizard-level templates

With older versions of Word, wizard-driven, automated document creation was popular. The advent of the ribbon in Word 2007 made the use and development of wizard-driven templates more problematic. This was due in part to having to adopt additional programming requirements to access the ribbon, but also because security levels with modern computer systems and networks are much less forgiving than they used to be. Wizard-driven templates simply have such a hard time working these days that it's not really worth the trouble.

While this site still sometimes mentions wizard-level templates, they have long since dropped out of favour even though they can still work on the right system with the right set-up.

As mentioned, part of this is due to increased security levels in operating systems which makes storing saved data and accessing settings much more difficult, especially across a corporate network. For that reason alone, the basic click-and-type Word template has become much more popular, and also a better option in terms of cost.

Detailed information on the old wizard-level Word templates is still available in these PDFs, for information if no other reason:


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word template add-ons
word templates step-through guide
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