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Kessler Associates has constructed a wide and varied collection of websites for many clients. Some of those websites are no longer available live, so we have maintained a sample page of them here, while others are very much alive. You can see examples of our work by clicking on any of the following links:


KA Shopper

Sample imageWith no client budget for web design or construction, we designed, built, and hosted this small seller's site using a very familiar layout to speed things up, and now maintain it in full for one very happy client.

Virtual Assistant Spain

Sample imageThis was built to match an older, malfunctioning site, with a second language added. It was uploaded to VA Spain's own web space with maintenance work on hand by us whenever needed.

Whitstable Town Junior FC

Sample imageThe official Whitstable Town Junior Football Club site, based on a supplied design. We secured the domain name, built the website, and hosted and maintained it for the club for many years before the site was closed in 2013 (sample page only).

Property Sale

Sample imageA single page designed, built, and hosted by us to help with the private sale of a house in France. Contains standard property sales features such as a rotating selection of images.

Claire's World

Sample imageA simple, dual language CV site for a professional online marketing expert, which was designed, built, and hosted by us for as long as it was needed, according to the client's requirements (sample page only, with working language option).

St Mary's Playscheme

Sample imageA children's playscheme, now sadly closed down, allowed us to design, build and fully maintain this site, with work including securing a domain name and providing web space (sample page only).

BabyStudio LLC

Sample imageThis website was designed and built for a now-defunct European company, and then handed over in its entirety upon completion for the client to maintain (sample page only).

Little Yang Sing Restaurant

Sample imageThis restaurant website was designed and built for the client to replace an older, rather unweildy site, and then handed over in its entirety upon completion for the client to maintain (sample page only).

Tallinn Connection

Sample imageA European company that has since ceased trading, this site was designed and built to their specifications, along with securing several domain names. The site was fully hosted and maintained by us (sample page only).


Sample imageAnother company which has ceased trading, this was designed and built to their specifications, with all maintenance, domain, and web space work done by us. The website was also hosted by us (sample page only).

Applied Graphics

Sample imageA now defunct site that was built to the client's strict design specifications, to match a sister site, with all work handled by us while the site remained active (intro page and home page only - click 'Enter' to see the home page).

The Foundry

Sample imageA website built to the client's extremely strict design specifications, and handed over in its entirety upon completion and initial upload. The site has since undergone various redevelopments, but the essential layout and operation remains the same.

The History Files

Sample imageContaining work built up by a collection of contributors over many years, this not-for-profit website of approximately 2,150+ pages is maintained and hosted in full by us.

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