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Building dedicated HTML web sites for small to medium companies is a speciality of Kessler Associates.

We'll use your specifications or designs as a starting point for any website construction. These can either be based on the general branding used by your company or organisation, or a specific design for this website.

Using your layout design, a clean, efficient, CSS-formatted website can be constructed which is easy to view and understand. It won't rely on flashy graphics or additional software, so that pages will load incredibly fast, and the site will be easy to update.

Of course, if flashy graphics are a specific requirement, they can be added too. Websites begin at a basic four pages which usually consist of a frontpage, contact details, and two pages for your intended content.

To save you from as much of the stress and strain of setting up and running a website as possible, we can also secure domain names and web space for you, handling all contact with the web space hosting company. This takes all the hard work of setting up the site off your hands. If we maintain the site for you, the costs are lower than otherwise.

Here are just a handful of the features that Kessler Associates can offer:

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  • Fast-loading high-quality pages
  • Cross-browser compatibility (where possible)
  • Choose any level of on-screen complexity
  • Submission to Google and Yahoo search engines
  • Unspammable contact email addresses
  • Macromedia Flash animations can be added
  • Site search engine installation and maintenance
  • Contact forms added
  • Domain names and web space secured for you

If you chose to let us do the work of securing your domain name, we can offer to host your site on our own web space, with significant cost reductions against renting normal business web space.

We'll take care of all site maintenance, and will set up and administer your email addresses so that they use your domain name. If you need an autoresponder, just let us know. The same applies if you need any of your site's content changed. It makes operating your business website simplicity itself for you.

There are more specific details about website construction on our website page. Samples of our work can be seen on the samples page.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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