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Kessler Associates blog: Backup your data

Please note: this post covers options which are generally only available for Word 1997-2003. Whilst they will work in later versions of Word, development is more complicated.

Kessler Associates produces Word templates for all requirements and cost-levels. With the more advanced, wizard-level templates, the facility to save a considerable amount of data is present. This usually means that users are able to save and easily re-use recipient addresses, office addresses, signoff details, and so on.

Whatever the type of data being saved from your Word templates, this information is usually written to DAT files on each individual computer. These are almost always forgotten when users are backing up their files, potentially leaving years' worth of valuable collected data at risk of being lost.

Now you can add the facility for users to backup their saved data files to an external hard drive, memory stick, or any other available drive - even a floppy disc!

Kessler Associates Word templates back-up image

This simple utility for Word templates makes backing up so easy. The installation path to where the DAT files are stored will be read automatically, so all you have to do is browse for a location to which to save them, and click the 'Backup' button to start the process.

The back-up process will be completed in just a few seconds, with your data now safe and securely copied to your selected secondary location. Next time you run the process, the last save path will be remembered.

This handy utility can be added to existing wizard-level template sets or written into any brand new set, and can be working for you as soon as your new templates are ready.

Don't leave that valuable list of recipients' names and addresses, or office locations at risk of being deleted when you upgrade to a new computer. Make sure you back it up and take it with you.

Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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